Here at Alt-Gen, we are constantly adding new features and updating our databases.
That is one of the many reasons Alt-Gen has become one of the most reliable generators ever.

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    Top-notch generator

    Alt-Gen set a new standard for the market when it was officially released as a web panel, and a lot of generators today revolve around the name Alt-Generator. We have not received any negative feedback so far, which is pretty impressive considering we have over 20000 satisfied customers. Alt-Gen was also one of the first generators to feature copy buttons.

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    Rocket speed

    Alt-Gen has now implemented AJAX in the generator, which means generating alts is faster than ever. Alt-Gen is also one of the few generators with efficient copy buttons, and a custom client. With Alt-Gen you are only a couple clicks away from either dominating your enemies on your favourite server, or from making money by reselling the alts!

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    24/7 support

    If you for some reason are in doubt or have any questions not covered in our FAQ, our support team is available 24/7. If you have bought our basic package (or better), you also get free Skype support and priority support. You can also contact us through email. Most of the time we respond to inquiries within 12 hours.


EasyAlt client

We have our own custom client for managing your alts.


See if the generated account is banned on your favorite servers, with just a click of a button. (Under development)

Unlimited Accounts

Generate as many accounts as you like.

Super secure

Here at Alt-Gen, user security is our top priority. We use super-safe encryption when storing user data. And all data is submitted over a secure 128bit encrypted connection.


Alt-Gen now uses AJAX, which allows you to quickly generate alts without refreshing.

HTML 5 Magic

Our web panel is designed with precision, giving you the ultimate responsive experience on all your devices.


AccountSense is our alt checking software, it provides info in the generated account. Such as Name, Skin, Cape and more.

Custom built

Unlike most other services, Alt-Gen was custom built from the ground up.


Alts generated

Happy customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Alt-Gen provides you with an unlimited supply of premium Minecraft accounts.
We update our databases and our service with new and innovative features regularly.
With any one of our paid plans, you can generate an unlimited amount of accounts.
Once you have completed your purchase through PayPal, it will most likely​ be instant.

In some cases, It may take up to 15 minutes.

You sure can.
Just remember that whomever your selling to must also have our EasyAlt program installed.
You should not have much trouble selling these for $1.50 per/account!
As weird as it might seem, we get this question a lot. And unfortunately you cannot get Alt-Gen Premium for free. A lot of our income is spent towards further development and marketing, which means we must charge for our services.
We cannot give an exact amount due to the fact that we update our database very often.

But we can say we have more the enough.

We have our own method on obtaining these accounts. All our alts are gathered legally.
Sadly, they can.

However, with selected plans, you can generate fully private accounts, which only you have access to! (Under development.)

Of course you can! After selecting the package you want and being redirected to the PayPal site, click the button saying “Don’t have a PayPal account?”. You will then be able to make your payment without having to log into PayPal.
We add fresh accounts every week.
So you can almost always find accounts that are not banned on servers.
We’re also adding a ban checker, so you can see if the account is banned on your favorite servers, with just a click of a button.


Alt-gen started back in October of 2015. With just one mission; To make an affordable, yet high-quality account generator.


”Ooooo, Alt-gen never seems to stop amazing me I’m not going to lie Oscar, You’ve out done all the other sites with miles on them mate! I thought you were crazy when you came up with the Idea of starting Alt-gen but now I can’t think of anyone else with a better site, It’s sleek, great, and just the best place to be getting alts in my opinion, So props to you man!”Jordon

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