About us

Alt-Gen started back in October of 2015 with one key mission; to make quality alt-generation widely available and affordable.
Just over one year later, and we’re blown away by how far we’ve come!
With over 100,000 alts generated, 80,000+ users, and over 70,000 alts in our database, we’re well and truly amazed!
But now we think it’s safe to say that we have accomplished our key mission, we’re still always looking to improve and develop Alt-Gen more.
That’s why we’re always innovating our site, with nifty new features, and updates, and always updating our databases.
Some cool features that we’re working on currently include a BanChecker that will let you know if the alt you have generated is banned on certain servers.
A friend system that allows you to communicate better with other Alt-Gen users.
We have a ton more impressive features that we can’t wait to share with too!
To our knowledge, we are the only account generator service that offers true 24/7 live chat support.
That’s right; you can chat to one of our chat support agents around the clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
We’re proud of our superb account quality; we add in fresh unbanned accounts almost daily to ensure that you can always find alts that aren’t banned on your favorite servers, regardless of the server’s size.
Unlike many other generators on the market, Alt-Gen was built from the ground up, ensuring only the highest of quality. Many of our competitors use a template from the internet, which is notoriously un-secure, putting your info at risk.
We, on the other hand, take user security seriously, making sure to protect your info at every turn.